Senator Watson’s 10 in 10

In September 2011, State Senator Kirk Watson called on Travis County to address Central Texas’s health needs and opportunities by achieving 10 important goals over the next 10 years. The 10 goals are:

  1. Build a medical school.
  2. Build a modern teaching hospital.
  3. Foster modern, uniquely Austin health clinics.
  4. Develop a research institute and laboratories for public and private research.
  5. Launch a new commercialization incubator.
  6. Make Austin a center for comprehensive cancer care.
  7. Provide needed behavioral health services and facilities.
  8. Improve basic infrastructure, and create a sense of place.
  9. Bolster the medical examiner’s office.
  10. Solve the funding puzzle.

The 10 steps are not in order of importance, but the first two—to build both a medical school and a new, modern teaching hospital—will help us to achieve all of the other goals.